Comic Books

The stories published by Bible Art Books are designed to bring people into a deeper relationship and understanding of who Jesus Christ truly is. These books are developed by using characters with Christian worldviews. Following in the tradition of the great Christian art of the world, we, too, use artwork to reach today’s people in a format that they can understand: comics. These stories are engaging and are meant to be used by pastors, parents and missionaries.

Short Stories

The short stories on this page were written and illustrated by Robert Flores. It is the hope of BibleArtBooks that these short stories will provide encouragement to Christians who have been through similar situations. BibleArtBooks encourages the use of these short stories to help promote quality Christian writing and in encouraging Christian writers to produce stories with strong Christian characters as the protagonists.

Other Publications

This section represents other books that I have worked on and some that I have collaborated on with other people. Please note that some of these books deal with mature subject matter from a Christian perspective.