Ordering, Donating & Praying

BibleArtBooks wants to thank you for taking time to visit our site. We hope that if you found something you liked that you are able to use it and bring much fruit into your life and the lives of others. This page is dedicated to offering some of our resources for your use. Check or money order is preferred. We appreciate your support in this Christian arts ministry.

How Can I Help BibleArtVooks?

It is our privilege to be able to offer the many free Christian resources available for download. For the last decade, it has been our joy, being able to serve the Lord and fellow Christians, through the use of art, prose, poetry and media. It has been a tremendous blessing to be a co-laborer with you in the Kingdom of God. If you have found the resources on BibleArtBooks.com to be useful, I would like to ask you to consider four things:

1. Ordering

Please consider purchasing one of our resources below. The purchase of these resources help offset the costs of producing comics and artwork that are free for download.

2. Donating

If you have been blessed by this ministry and you would like to see BibleArtBooks continue being a blessing to others, please consider donating. There are many costs associated with keeping a ministry running and any financial assistance you could provide would be much appreciated.

3. Praying

Please consider praying for this ministry. Doing the Lord's work is not without struggles, therefore, we would ask for your prayers to continue producing Christian resources. We would ask that God will continue to bless others by the use of these materials and that His Kingdom would grow as He sees fit!

How Can I Donate to BibleArtBooks?

BibleArtBooks does not rely on in-your-face-advertising or slick fund-raising campaigns to pay the bills. Therefore, it is our policy to trust the Lord and welcome donations from His people. We trust Him to provide for our needs without having to clutter this website with advertising. It takes time and money to produce these free resources for the Kingdom of God and we would just ask that you pray about donating to this ministry. If you do decide to donate to BibleArtBooks, please use the link below that will link to BibleArtBooks' Paypal account:

How Can I Pray for BibleArtBooks?

Please ask the Lord for the following: strength, finances, protection, provision, that He will bless the many current projects that we are working on, that He will use all the free resources here for His Kingdom, a love for others and a love for Him. Thank you all for praying for us. God's Kingdom is worth all that we can give to it, especially for all that He's done for us.